"Your city is a representation of what you are and what you mean to do for yourselves. Why not labor to make it truly express your aims and ideals?"--George White Marston

Erythrina coralloides-Naked Coral Tree

Erythrina coralloides-Naked Coral Tree

Presidio park plant identification project:

Friends of Presidio Park is honored to assist Ranger Parish Rye with his extensive research into identifying and mapping both the historic and current locations of a fantastic array of plant species within the park.  Final edits are being made to have this comprehensive and invaluable resource available on this website. Look for a link coming soon!



    As part of the effort to preserve artifacts from past Presidio excavations, Friends of Presidio Park is dedicated to supporting the completion of the Presidio Archaeological Artifact Stabilization and Curation project.  With assistance from the California Missions Foundation, the first steps are being made to process, treat, stabilize, and catalogue long neglected artifacts from the Presidio Archaeological Collection. Additional funding for other projected phases of this project is one of our top priorities. 


Archival Fund:

Friends of Presidio Park is also actively supporting the volunteer and financing effort needed for the on-going Presidio Archaeological Document and Archival project, as well as maintaining a dedicated fund earmarked for archival materials.


Interpretive Signage:

Understanding the importance of Public Education and Awareness of this significant historic and cultural resource, Friends of Presidio Park have adopted a high priority goal of funding and fulfilling the need for non-invasive informational signage.



Keep Our Park Beautiful:

Join us in our effort to plan and implement regular park clean-up volunteer events.  Friends of Presidio Park is an organization dedicated to maintaining the upkeep and appearance of our Park grounds.  We appreciate any and all available volunteers!!


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Is there a project or event you would like to see within Presidio Park that would improve or enhance the public enjoyment of this incredible Park resource?  Let us know by leaving your feedback below.


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